Leveraging your business strategy we can develop a comprehensive brand and marketing strategy together.
By developing your strategies you can take the next step and bring them to life with a comprehensive plan. Most businesses I work with are either working on their marketing and brand strategies for the first time, realizing the value and importance that they reprioritized as they got started OR they are redesigning/rebooting great work that needs to be revisited.

Let’s do it together.
“Powerful brands are built with purpose.
It connects to the hearts and minds of the customer and employees.”
What is a brand strategy?
The long-term promises we make to our customers and employees aligning our brand and our business (vision, mission, values). It builds likability, identification, relevancy, consistency, and recognizability leveraging the following tactics: voice, identity, story, essence, and values. It connects physically, digitally, socially and emotionally.
What is a marketing strategy?
Clarifies who the customer is and where and how we speak to them. It provides a clear and direct connection from your brand strategy through to your customer's hearts and minds; leveraging all of the brand assets, both seen and unseen, not speaking to everyone and anyone, but connecting directly and with meaning and impact to Andrew's primary customer.

Once your strategies are firmly in place and communicated to the teams, the next step is to build the channel and campaign strategies and bring them to life with realistic plans. Assessing the current assets, tools and resources, we can build a roadmap that will allow the strategy to come to life with proper goals, metrics, and priorities. We will identify any gaps and incremental tools needed to ensure that proper measures are put in place to close these off in a timely manner.
What is a Channel Strategy?
Defining clearly which channels in the marketing funnel are best suited to reach your customers and how and when we should do that effectively. In order to build your channel strategy it is important that you are clear on who your customer is. If you aren’t not to worry we can figure that out together.
What is a Campaign Strategy?
A strong and meaningful campaign strategy leverages your brand strategy and assets partnered with meaningful and relevant insights to disrupt and breakthrough for a specific moment in time (think of it like a launch or a promotional window). It will directly speak to your customer not only providing them insights based on facts and observations but also answer the question WHY.
Why is brand SO important?
It is the DNA or heartbeat of your company
It creates connection to your customers and employees; emotionally, visually & physically
It is a trust builder in a world where trust is questioned and fractured
It is your opportunity as a business to create awareness, perception, memorability, relevancy, consistency, and recognizability
Why is marketing SO important?
Creates a space for you as a business owner to make your customers aware of what you do and how you do it - Promotion
Provides channels and platforms to sell your goods and services strategically
Opens the doorway to a direct line of communication to your customers
Allows you the opportunity to show up and be present for your customers where they are
Creates a feedback loop if you allow it
Offers you the opportunity to expand your network and reach
None of this is easy work. It takes time and effort to learn, build and transform your brand and marketing. They work together. If you invest the time and effort to understand and value both you will see growth, connection, and change.
We met when we were both Senior leaders at WalMart. It was an instant connection. I left to start my own company. I had a clear vision but I wasn’t sure how to communicate it. With patience, compassionate listening, and a true desire to learn more about me Jen helped me clarify my voice and connect it to my why. I discovered my ideal customer and have built a better understanding about them with Jen’s guidance. Jen’s leadership helped me create and write my story, build my brand strategy, and ultimately give my business life. She is a uniquely gifted storyteller. Brands flourish because of this and so will yours. She is not only creative but her coaching approach is top-notch.
Karen Calder
Karen Calder Performance Coaching
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