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Create purpose and manage change through the power of mindfulness and storytelling.
Coaching. Business Consulting. Mindfulness Classes.
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Leadership & Therapeutic Coaching
Leadership Coaching for Managers and their teams.
Therapeutic Coaching for anyone struggling with pain, grief, or body shame.
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Business Consulting
for Marketing, Brand, and Operations teams.
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Mindfulness Classes
Yoga classes. Meditation classes. Mindfulness Programs. Retreats.
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I provide personalized, strategic, collaborative, and solution-oriented performance coaching, business consulting, and mindfulness classes.
You made the choice to be here because you need more than just a coach or consultant. You are looking for someone who can help you create purpose, manage, and live the change in your life and at work in a mindful way.

This means you want an approach that will challenge you and hold you accountable but also embodies the principles of Mindfulness at its foundation. Bringing this combination together is the unique value that sets my work apart and ensures success.
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Jennifer James with a cup of coffee Coaching
1:1 Coaching
Leadership Coaching for Managers/Sr. Managers looking to grow and develop on their career path but aren’t sure how to get there.
Therapeutic Coaching for anyone struggling with pain, grief or body shame.
Zoom Session for Team Coaching
Team Coaching
Team coaching for Marketing, Brand, and Operations teams who are struggling with ACT – Accountability, Collaboration, and Trust.
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Business Consulting
For Marketing, Brand, and Operations teams who want to hire an interim executive to close the gap.
OR need one of the following:
Hire me to close the gap
Process improvement
Strategy development and execution
Organizational redesign and restructuring
Vision, mission and values
Leadership workshops
Jennifer James Yoga classes
Mindfulness Classes/Programs/Retreats
Classes/Retreats/Programs that are all designed and executed on a foundation of mindfulness
principles and education to ensure an experience that offers you results and connection.

Your choice of yoga, meditation, or mindful-based programs


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“Jennifer is a wonderful facilitator who made us all feel as though we were in a safe space where we could share and be ourselves. I am excited to use her activities to create more awareness and mindfulness in my everyday life. Jennifer’s kind presence made me feel at ease in sharing my feelings and experiences. Being reminded you are not alone is so helpful! I am familiar with mindfulness practice but enjoyed these new actionable steps and activities she provided to create new positive habits.”
Jen S.
Courage in Action Mindfulness Workshop
Jen is a multi-talented professional that brings passion, energy and strategic thinking to the great work she does. Jen demonstrated high commitment and a positive attitude in dealing with people and is very disciplined and organized in bringing together complex programs. I would gladly recommend Jen for senior organizational roles.
David Poirier
Founder, The Poirier Group
I had the pleasure working with Jennifer on a couple of major and complex projects, including organizational redesign, process improvement, and more at Walmart Canada. Jennifer’s leadership and guidance were absolutely instrumental to move the projects to success. She has a natural ability to create strong teams and partnerships with vendors. I would recommend Jennifer to any company who is looking for an exceptional communicator and a great leader.
Knara Vivona
GM CrossCap Solutions
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“Small steps lead to big changes; together we can learn, build, and transform.”
Jennifer James with a puppy
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