All of my programs are designed to do one or more of the following:
Build relationships
Create a safe community and learning environment
Build new resources and tools
Elevate your thinking
Challenge your ways of working
Help you (re)connect or rebuild your purpose
Manage the stress and anxiety in your life
Provide space for creativity, connection, and curiosity
All programs begin with an intake process so we can connect 1:1 to make sure the program you have selected is right for you. During the intake we will review any questions you may have and all of the program expectations.

There are three programs currently being offered:
Mindful Self-Compassion – Next Program – Date TBD
Do you struggle with body shame or pain? Here is what you will learn in this 10 week in person program:
Identify the root of your body shame and pain to better understand how to manage and heal it
Motivate yourself with encouragement rather than self-criticism
Learn the practice and benefits of Mindfulness to treat pain and body shame
Relate to your difficult emotions with greater moment-to-moment acceptance
Respond to feelings of failure or inadequacy with self-kindness
Transform difficult relationships, old and new, through self-validation
Practice the art of savoring and self-appreciation
Identify core mindfulness and self-compassion exercises for use in daily life
Identify fierce and tender aspects of self-compassion and their role in your well-being.
“The emphasis of the course is on building the resources of self-compassion and mindfulness through a process of self-discovery. (CMSC, 2023)”
We begin with mindfulness, to create a foundation of awareness, identifying and accepting our pain and body shame. Next we dig into the root of our pain and/or body shame, understanding more deeply our beliefs, behaviours, thoughts, and feeling. This deepens or mindful practice and begins our exploration of loving awareness and self-compassion. We learn the power of self-compassion as an anti-dote to body shame and pain.
“Together, mindfulness and self-compassion comprise a state of warm, connected, presence during difficult moments in our lives.”

The course is run weekly for 10 consecutive weeks in person.

The course is offered at
ESG United church which is located in Midtown Toronto, in the Yonge and Eglinton neighbourhood.

“MSC is an opportunity to explore how we typically respond when difficulties arise in our lives and to learn tools for becoming a warm and supportive companion to ourselves. Although MSC offers conceptual learning it is designed to be more experiential than theoretical. MSC is therapeutic, but it’s not therapy. The emphasis of the program is on enhancing emotional resources to meet emotional challenges, old and new (CMSC, 2023).”
What is body shame?
Body shame is the act of making negative comments towards your own or someone else’s physical appearance including but not limited to; weight, size, attractiveness, age, clothing, body hair, food, trendiness, body art, makeup, etc.

Here is a great article to better understand body shame.
What is pain?
According to the Cleveland Clinic
“Pain occurs when something hurts, causing an uncomfortable or unpleasant feeling. The presence of pain often means that something is wrong. The best judge of your pain is you.”
There are different types of pain, most commonly acute vs. chronic or mostly easily defined as short-term vs. long-term. Regardless of the type of pain you experience, pain is unpleasant and it can be supported with resources to help you manage.

Learning how to manage pain and body shame is a healing journey. It’s one I have personally embarked on and been able to see the remarkable changes. If you struggle and are looking to make a step forward towards change this could be the course for you. We’ve learned over the past decade of research that the way we speak to ourselves and the act of self-compassion has a profound impact on rebuilding happiness, stability, health, and stronger relationships. In fact the indisputable research shows us that self-compassion is much more likely to lead to long-term wellbeing than harsh self-criticism.

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Mindful Habit Changing – COMING February 2024
Do you have a habit you can’t seem to break? OR do you have a habit you have always wanted to build, but no matter how hard you try, you can’t get it to stick? This is the program for you! Here is what you can expect in this 9-week online program for building and breaking habits:
Build or break your habit of choice
Identify the root of your habit
Learn the practice, benefits, and mindset of Mindfulness as a foundation
Learn about the thinking and feeling loop to better understand how our mind works
Understand your difficult emotions and learn how to manage them
Meet your inner critic and explore it
Understand your habit cycle so you can rewire and rebuild
Explore more about habit behaviours so you can learn, build, and transform
Build a resource toolkit to ensure you can sustain your new habit or keep your old habit at bay
Practice the art of loving kindness, self-compassion, and awareness
The focus of this program is to help you build or break a habit which means you will understand what is a mindful habit. It also means we learn how to make mindfulness as a lifestyle practice to ensure that we can build and/or break habits successfully and sustainably. This means we do not end up back where we started. The tools and resources you will learn and take away with you provide you with the means to have a lifelong practice to be habit-free. These include mindfulness, new habit behaviours and tactics, and self-compassion. Your commitment to the program, the work, and the journey is key.

This program helps you move from feeling frustrated, disappointed, and judgmental; perhaps even thinking like you’ve tried to break your habit before unsuccessfully and don’t know how to move the needle TO empowered, successful and of the mindset “I did it.”
This 9 week program is run online through zoom. It is a weekly group coaching program that requires self-motivation with weekly homework assignments and a commitment to daily mindfulness practices. Changing habits means changing your lifestyle and ways of thinking. The work isn’t easy but when we work together it becomes realistic, achievable, manageable, and fun! Habits can be broken and new habits can be built. It’s a fact. If you are willing to do the work to get there we can promise you will be happy with the results.

Click here to access a copy of the roadmap and Click here to access the weekly schedule

What is a habit?
A behaviour, thought, or action that you do regularly or often without being aware.
What is a mindful habit?
A behaviour, thought, or action that you do regularly or often while being aware; being conscious of your experiences, thoughts, feelings, and intentions in the absence of judgment.

I have personally been on the journey of building and breaking habits throughout my lifetime. It was not until I discovered the power of mindfulness that I was able to finally connect a lifelong finality to breaking free from insomnia, smoking, and many other habits I needed to move away from and others I desired to build. I used mindfulness to help me build meditation and healthy living, discover work–life balance, and choose to create space for exercise and fitness. None of this came fast, easy, or without effort. I can promise you the experience of integrating mindfulness as part of building and breaking habits is life-changing and impactful. It is one of the many tools we will share with you as part of this incredible journey.

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The Art of Mindful Storytelling – New Course launch – DATE TBD
Are you a small business owner that is struggling to make profit? OR are you a corporate business manager/leader who dreams of becoming an entrepreneur?

This program could be the one for you!

Join us for this 16 week mindful program to accelerate and scale your mindset and business. Become a Certified Mindful Storyteller.

Here is what you can expect from this hybrid program:
Build a mindful mindset
Review and rebuild your business strategy
Create a clear brand strategy
Master the art of storytelling
(Re)define your marketing strategy and plan
Elevate and build your camera confidence
This program is designed to support you on your journey through business transformation. If you are a small business owner who is struggling; your connections aren’t the same as they were, sales are in decline or maybe you feel as though you can’t keep up…this program will help you prioritize, operationalize and get back on track with clarity. We will help you reduce your stress and anxiety, rebuild your confidence in yourself and your business model, and help you rediscover your inner mindful CEO.


You’ve been working your whole career in a corporate role and feel that you want a change. You want to step out and do something different but aren’t sure how to make the next big step. You feel confident in what you do in your corporate work, the idea of becoming an entrepreneur is exciting and scary. You don’t know where to start.

Here is a video all about what you can expect:
The program is for you if you are:
Committed to change and are ready to ask for support
Value hard work and are willing to commit to homework
Willing to invest in yourself
Not afraid to take mindful risks and action
Must be coachable
Are able to make tough decisions and have difficult conversations
Are purpose driven
This program has been designed as a hybrid program which means there is a combination of group coaching and video learning. You are able to access and move at your pace, within a timeframe, which gives you the freedom to create your own custom experience with accountability. The group is accessible to each other which builds network and community. This is also at your own discretion.
Here are some of the things you will take away:
Vision, mission, values
Business strategy
Brand strategy
Brand visual identity
Mindfulness practices, resources, tools
Marketing strategy and execution plan
You story with your storytelling toolkit
Customer journey map
Camera confidence workshop
We love this program and we know you will too. If you want to join us on the next journey click the button below to LEARN MORE and let’s connect.
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I feel like I finally have the tools, knowledge, and understanding to do what I’ve been trying todo for the past few years with my marketing. It is extremely empowering.
The biggest takeaway for me is connecting to the power of my why and how I need to share mywhy with the world and they will become believers.
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