Investing in yourself and your team means elevating your potential and building stronger relationships for long-term growth.
Choose from an already designed workshop with proven results or let’s create a custom and personalized workshop for you and your team. With 20+ years’ experience creating, executing, and facilitating workshops I promise you a tailored and relevant experience.
Here are some of the already designed workshops you can choose from:
The Art of Mindful Storytelling
Building Compassionate Leadership
Mindfulness Bootcamp or Mindful Program
TACT Model workshop(s) – Trust, Accountability, Collaboration, Team
Build a Brand 101
Build a Brand 102
Brand Mastery
Intro to Integrated Marketing
Values Workshop
Creating your Vision
Strategy Building and Planning
Defining my customer
Deciding where to start and which workshop to choose isn’t always an easy choice. Let’s connect and discuss what you need and I can help you narrow down the selection. I look forward to working with you and your team to bridge gaps, build relationships, increase engagement, and of course have fun!
“I am empowered by the 5P’s storytelling process and see improvement in my stories and the interaction they bring. The coaching I received is high value, flexible and personal.”
Christa De Ridder
HR Consultant
“I came into this with no marketing strategy. I associated having one with my past corporate life. Thinking customer centrically has been a paradigm shift. With the right tools and organization I now love marketing!”
Alan Muskett
Resilience Coach and Hypnotherapist
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