Online classes
Online classes
FREE monthly Tuesday night mindful meditation and sharing circle
Join my monthly community for an evening of mindful meditation and a sharing circle. No experience is required. Everyone is welcome.

We spend one hour together in this safe, fun, and open community. You decide how much you want to participate. My only request is you arrive on time and stay to the end.

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Tuesday June 18, 7:30pm EST
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294 877 6047
What is mindfulness?
Check out this video from another one of my program’s to learn more:
Mindfulness is being aware of your moment to moment experiences; being open to the present moment including thoughts, feelings, behaviours, sensations, emotions in the absence of judgment.

There are many benefits to building and practicing mindfulness. There is now no debate that it can change your life. It changed mine. It is a fact that mindfulness will reduce anxiety, stress, increase happiness, life balance, provide resources for sleep disorders and much more.

Here is a quick video on why mindfulness.
What is a sharing circle?
It is a safe space where we build community and connection. It is open to anyone who wants to join as part of the weekly meditation. You are able to join when you want, share when you want or feel moved to, and move at your own pace. I host the weekly sharing circle and often will provide topics for discussion. There is some education and some open sharing. You are welcome to bring ideas, thoughts, feedback, and your open discussion topics forward.
A little bit about meditation…
If this is your first time or your 1000th you are in the right place. Meditation is a lifelong journey. It is all about exploration, connection, discovery, and opening. Each time you meditate it will be a new experience. Sometimes it will be easy and others not so much. I promise you everyone can meditate. Top reasons people give me that they cannot meditate:
I can’t find the time
My mind is too busy, distracted, I can’t clear it
I have a medical condition – ADD, ADHD, Depression, etc. and it’s too hard for me
Too much comes up when I meditate and I have to stop – too much pain, too much noise in my mind etc.
Know that you aren’t alone. We all experience reasons that we believe we can’t meditate. However, I want to help clear a few things up about meditation.
Meditation can be done anywhere, anytime.  It is not about always sitting for a long duration – start with a few minutes before you get out of bed or go to bed at night.  

Check out these downloadable pdfs in the resources section to better understand the difference between formal and informal mindfulness practices.
Everyone in the world has a distracted mind. It’s part of being human. Meditation is not about clearing your mind completely. Mindfulness is all about being aware of what is happening in the moment and letting it be. If your mind is racing, distracted, that’s okay; acknowledge it, and let it be in that moment. Use the tools we provide in mindfulness and meditation to help you center, focus, and relax.
Mindfulness and meditation are here to support most medical conditions, mood disorders, pain etc. There are many resources to help manage various problems in your life. This is not a magic pill and it takes time to build. I am a great example; building mindfulness has allowed me to free myself from my insomnia and to eliminate my TMJ pain.
To understand more about some of the myth’s you may have about mindfulness check out this video:
If you would like to discuss more about building mindfulness meditation into your life, let’s connect!
It has been my pleasure to have attended yoga classes with Jennifer. Some friends and I were looking for a new teacher and fortunately for me (us), one of the group was attending Jennifer’s mindfulness meditations. Our classes are by far the best I have ever experienced.  She's interested and involved, paying close attention to each person, understanding their needs, strengths and limitations, while making it a point to work closely with everyone.  Her knowledge, warmth and beautiful personality make these classes a very positive and uplifting experience for all. I thoroughly recommend her skills and classes to everyone and feel the benefits strongly.
Sheena Wood
Jennifer is a hard working energetic lady. She has boundless energy which is reflected in herpassion for her meditation and mindfulness classes. She is a compassionate and sincere ladyand I am delighted to see her evolving career. I have attended her meditation classes for wellover two years and she provides us with endless resources.
Debra Ceresne
I have taken Jen’s evening meditation class and every single time I am left with a feeling ofgratitude and calmness.  Jen’s meditations bring me to a place serenity where I can separatefrom my busy day and create a space with gentle kindness for myself.  Thank you Jen for all ofthe hard work that you do!
Heidi Prosserman
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