Organization Redesign/
Organization Redesign/Restructuring
Every organization and business wants to ensure that their team(s) are not only reaching their full potential but are resourced with the right people in the right roles and workflow to achieve that.
Many times, unintentionally, the structure stays the same while the team, the external market, and organization continue to evolve. Likely you are here because you recognize it’s time to play catch up and it takes some work and effort to get there. It’s worth the investment.

Too many times I see leaders holding off on doing this work because they fear the reaction of their people to doing it. This work does not have to be negative, it can be a positive experience, it’s how you create the story and vision.
Let's get started
Typically tackling a re-structure while keeping the business operational with existing resources is challenging.  That’s why you are here.  It’s time to bring in the experts to support you on your journey. How do we get there?  We partner together to determine if you need full support or partial resources and develop a plan with clear timelines.
The outcome is the following:
Clearly defined roles and responsibilities
TACT workshop to rebuild Trust, Accountability, Collaboration, and Team
Communication strategy
New organizational structure
Implementation plan – full support or training to transition
Optimized workflow
Opportunity to identify process improvement
Optional leadership coaching to strengthen individuals that need to step into leadership roles
What are the benefits of re-structuring?
Increased employee morale and engagement
Culture change and buy-in
Increased accountability and responsibility
Rebuild trust by providing opportunities to share, learn, communicate
Opportunity to define boundaries, set expectations
Identify role redundancies and overlap
I had the pleasure working with Jennifer on a couple of major and complex projects, including organizational redesign, process improvement, and more at Walmart Canada. Jennifer’s leadership and guidance were absolutely instrumental to move the projects to success. She has a natural ability to create strong teams and partnerships with vendors. I would recommend Jennifer to any company who is looking for an exceptional communicator and a great leader.
Knara Vivona
GM CrossCap Solutions
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