therapeutic coaching
therapeutic coaching
1:1 coaching for anyone struggling with pain, anxiety, stress, mood disorders, grief or body shame.
Welcome. Recognizing that you are struggling with pain, grief, or body shame is already difficult enough. Thank you for being here. You are not alone.

By being here you are aware that you want support in your healing journey. I appreciate the opportunity to be a part of that. I know that together we can find a path forward through small steps as a pathway to big change.
What is Therapeutic Coaching?
While I am not yet a psychotherapist yet, I am in the process of becoming one. I offer therapeutic coaching. I am a certified coach with additional training and certification in Mindfulness and Mindful Self-Compassion.

My approach is built on a focus towards self-regulation and problem solving to help you find your path to healing and managing to build a better life.
The Approach
LEARN exactly what you are dealing with. Dig into the root cause of your grief or body shame, connect deeply to, and understand your pain. Face it. Learn how to build awareness of what they are, how they show up, why they are present, what they need, the triggers, and more to develop your self-awareness.
BUILD your level of understanding, capacity of self-compassion and resilience, and your self-trust to manage the depths of your difficult emotions. Your personalized toolkit of resources will grow allowing you to have what you need to manage and develop.
TRANSFORM your approach to yourself. This gives you more space, love, kindness, and self-compassion. Find your path forward with small steps so you can find sustainable long-term change.
The benefits of my Therapeutic Coaching model:
Safe space with community
You will learn, grow, and transform
If you are willing to do the work you will find some answers
Your heart, mind, and body will find a path to synchronicity over time
There is an end. Let’s build it together
Let's get started
I've known Jen James for 17 years. During that time she has become not only my mentor but also a coach. With her strategic guidance, she has helped me navigate through many life transitions and career opportunities. She is always supportive, flexible and solution based in her approach and advice. I'm very grateful for our partnership and look forward to continuing our relationship in the years to come.
Jessica F.
I came to therapeutic coaching for various reasons at the onset; stress management, anxiety, and struggling with managing my energy.  I found working with Jen and being involved in her community has made me feel engaged in relevant activities, bringing my energy up.  I am feeling more confident in myself and less anxious.  I find I have an overall sense of calm, with better focus allowing me to feel more manageable through my busy days.  I appreciate Jen’s approach and opendoor.  She is always easy to speak to and her open mind is refreshing.
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