team coaching
team coaching
Team coaching for Marketing, Brand, and Operations teams who are struggling with ACT – Accountability, Collaboration, & Trust.
The most common problem I see with teams, regardless of the industry, size, or organization is the T.A.C. - T. model – Trust. Accountability. Collaboration. - Team. If any one of the three pillars begins to falter the rest fall down. It is similar to a three-legged stool.

T.A.C. – T is a workshop designed to bring awareness to the team about what is happening today – lack of trust, accountability, collaboration – maybe all three - and LEARN. BUILD. TRANSFORM together.
The Approach
LEARN the value of perception and reality to level set current state. Understand where your team is today by identifying the pain points and the opportunities. Create a safe space for honest and open value add conversation. Allow everyone who wants it, to have the opportunity to have a voice to share; what they feel, where they are at, and what they need.
BUILD realistic expectations for rebuilding trust and developing a model of accountability. Do this together with buy in and oversight. Understand the value of roles and hierarchy as it exists in the team structure. Build a model of compassion and self-compassion to help manage emotions, reactions, stress, and other challenges.
TRANSFORM where the opportunities are identified and necessary, ways of working and thinking. Allow for setbacks, the unexpected, and creative thinking. Know that to move forward change is inevitable and it takes small steps to reach big change. We are always better together.
The benefits of my Team Coaching model:
Proven results
Stronger relationships and connection
Time together learning and growing builds trust
Your heart, mind, and body will find a path to synchronicity over time
Building mindfulness and mindful self-compassion provides tools that will reduce stress, anxiety, and create more open-minded thinking
Let's get started
“Jennifer is a wonderful facilitator who made us all feel as though we were in a safe space where we could share and be ourselves. I am excited to use her activities to create more awareness and mindfulness in my everyday life. Jennifer’s kind presence made me feel at ease in sharing my feelings and experiences. Being reminded you are not alone is so helpful! I am familiar with mindfulness practice but enjoyed these new actionable steps and activities she provided to create new positive habits.”
Jen S.
Courage in Action Mindfulness Workshop
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